Work–study provides you with an employment opportunity. The award is based on financial need, so not all students will qualify. If you are awarded work-study, you will need to accept the award under Awards at Texas State Self-Service. Career Services can then assist you in finding a position. Once you find a position and begin working, you will be paid twice per month based on the number of hours you work.

Remember that a work-study award amount is the maximum potential that you can earn, but actual earnings will depend upon the number of hours you work. Your work-study position is a real job that will enable you to develop work skills, network within your field and build references that will assist you in obtaining a job once you graduate.

  • While classes are in session you can work up to a maximum of twenty-five hours per week. There is no minimum hours requirement. Your employer, however, will set your schedule and determine the number of hours that you will work per week.

  • Offices typically require work-study students to dress business casual. Some offices allow their work-study students to dress more casually, so be sure to check with your employer. Remember that even though you are a student, you are working in a professional setting and need to dress accordingly.

  • Work-study is awarded on a first-come, first-served basis to students with financial need (as determined by your FAFSA®). Also, work-study funds are limited. If you have not been awarded work-study and still want to work, you can contact Career Services regarding regular wage positions both on and off campus. Many on-campus regular wage positions offer work opportunities in the same offices in which work-study students are employed.

  • Work study is awarded by semester. To earn work-study wages during a semester, you must have been awarded the funds for that period and be working in a work-study position. The days within a semester in which you can earn work-study wages are indicated in the below table.

    Work Study Earning Periods
    Semester Start Date End Date
    Fall August 16 Fall Graduation
    Spring January 2 Spring Graduation
    Summer May 16 Summer Graduation
  • To receive work-study funds, you must secure a work-study position. A work-study award does not guarantee you a job. The amount of the award you earn is based on your rate of pay and the hours you work. Depending on these factors, you may not receive (earn) all of your award. If you are not hired for a work-study position, you may be eligible, upon request, for additional student or parent loan funds to replace your work-study award.