Enrollment Verification

Need an Enrollment Verification?

Texas State University is frequently required to certify a student's enrollment as to full-time, part-time, etc. The following general guidelines are used primarily to verify enrollment for the purpose of loan deferments and eligibility. The Office of the University Registrar is responsible for such verifications. You can download, save and print your own form! This form is considered official as it contains the University Registrar’s signature and the University seal.

Requesting an Enrollment Verification

Enrollment Verification can certify your registration and/or dates of attendance at Texas State. This information is primarily used for bank loan deferments and insurance renewals including good student discounts. Verification of enrollment letters are considered "Official" as of the first class day of the semester you verify.

1. Currently enrolled (and student enrolled Fall 2011 or after) can now verify their enrollment by using the Enrollment Verification Application.

2. Students not currently enrolled may verify their enrollment online using the National Student Clearinghouse. This service is available 24/7 and you are able to print a certificate out immediately.

3. Third party requests for enrollment and/or degree verification will only be addressed through the National Student Clearinghouse.

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Enrollment Verification Data and Guidelines

The following information is verified on enrollment verifications:

  • Status (for example: full time, half time, less than half time) 
  • Current Semester Attending or All Semesters Attended
  • Semester Name/begin & End Date
  • Semester Hours
  • Academic Career (for example: Graduate or Undergraduate)
  • Degree, College and Major Pursuing
  • Expected date of graduation
Fall / Spring / Summer Semester Enrollment Verification Guidelines
Student TypeFull-TimeThree-Quarter TimeHalf TimeBelow Half Time
Undergraduate12 or more hours9 - 11 hours6 - 8 hours5 or fewer hours
Graduate9 or more hours7 - 8 hours5 - 6 hours4 or fewer hours

*Note that classes taken for audit are included in total enrolled hours. Independent learning courses are not considered for enrollment verification purposes. 

Verifying Future Semesters

According to policy in UPPS 01.04.00 (Attachment 1, “Glossary of Terms”) a person becomes a student for FERPA purposes when:

Any individual who is registered for the current or a future semester by official registration methods and appears on a class roster is considered “in attendance” and a student.

Therefore, a person would have FERPA rights when (1) registered for a current or future semester; and (2) named on a class roster. A person becomes a student for FERPA purposes when they are “in attendance." FERPA states that we can release “enrollment status (actual hours enrolled, undergraduate, graduate, etc.)” but it does not state that this must be an Official Enrollment Verification. Texas State will provide our students an Official Enrollment Verification Letter after their name appears on the 1st day roster and they have attended their first class.

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Letter of Non-Attendance

If you are requiring a letter from our office stating that you have never attended Texas State University, submit a request here.

If you have any academic history record at Texas State University, you will need to order an official transcript. Click here for more information.

Military and ATP

Per University Policy (AA/PPS 02.02.20): 

Students required to participate in active military service, including the National Guard, will be excused from attending classes or engaging in other required activities, including examinations, FOR THE DURATION OF THEIR PARTICIPATION. Such military programs include Alternate Training Programs (ATP). In the case of such programs, no Mandatory Return Date (MRD) needs to be provided to Texas State University as such programs are covered by the above policy.

The student will contact their instructors before THEIR DEPARTURE in order to ensure appropriate accommodations ARE MADE to make up the work upon the student's return and to validate their absence. The student will provide the Office of the University Registrar a copy of military orders to hold on file for verification and any needed assistance upon return.

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