Short Term Loan

Short term loans are funds that will need to be repaid but available to eligible students to assist with the cost of school related expenses. Loans can be made for up to $550 and are interest free. There is a $5 origination fee that will be added to your account balance. The loans are due within the semester borrowed, and Texas State is your lender. Loans not repaid by the due date are subject to a delinquent charge. 

 Once you have been approved for a short-term loan, your funds will be direct deposited to your bank account, or mailed to your primary address on file, generally within 2-4 business days.  

 Eligibility Requirements: 

  •  Must have at least a 2.0 Texas State GPA 
  •  Be enrolled in the current semester. 
  •  Have made sufficient payment toward current term enrollment. 
  •  No holds on your records 
  •  Valid social security number or ITIN on file with the University