Tuition Waivers and Exemptions

Certain eligible students may qualify for State of Texas programs that waive tuition and fees. Below is information about these programs. You can submit your request by clicking on the below icon. Just be sure to submit the form and any required documentation by the deadline (twelfth-class day of the fall/spring term and fourth class-day of a regular summer term).

Please bear in mind that any portion not covered by the waiver or exemption is your responsibility to pay by the appropriate semester due date. Additionally, hours considered excessive under Texas Education Code, Section 54.014 Tuition for Repeated or Excessive Hours, may not be eligible to receive the exemption or waiver.  

Waivers & Exemptions

Below are the exemptions and waivers honored by Texas State University. All original documents for these programs should be turned in to by the twelfth class day of the fall/spring term and fourth class day of a regular summer term. Request forms received after those dates will NOT be honored. Please click on the name of the designated program to review the requirements as mandated by the College for Texans website. 

*Requires University Approved Form

Military and Veterans

Any questions regarding a military or veteran tuition benefit (Hazlewood, GI Bill, etc.) should be referred to the TXST Office of Veterans Affairs.

J.C. Kellam Building, Room 111 

GPA Satisfactory Academic Progress

To continue receiving certain exemptions and waivers, the State of Texas requires students to meet the below GPA satisfactory academic progress requirement.

Minimum Cumulative Texas State GPA Requirements
Degree or CertificateMinimum Cumulative Texas State GPA
1st Bachelor's2.0
2nd Bachelor's2.0
Undergraduate or Graduate Certificate3.0

Selective Service Requirements:

Texas Education Code Section 51.9095 requires all males between the ages of 18 and 25 who receive a state-funded waiver or exemption to be registered with Selective Service. For additional information on Selective Service requirements or to verify your registration status, please visit